Time to look forward and back

It’s a subject that has graced the pages of this newspaper more times than can be counted, but on Sunday it finally came into being: Heslington East campus opened at last to receive its first intake of first year students. It’s not been an easy journey to this point, but true to their word, the University opened the gates of Hes East on time and for that, this paper offers them its congratulations.

The opening has not been completely faultless. The campus is not complete, but we knew that already; the project is not yet finished, but it is well on its way and more than habitable. The largest stumbling block seems to be the lack of clear communication between the University and its new students as to the exact details of where they would be living. It’s all very well informing students that they’ll be living in brand new accommodation, but it’s also helpful if they know that they’ll need to walk twenty minutes down the road to get their pre-ordered MAD card meal each evening.

Minor issues aside, the opening of Heslington East marks the start of a new and exciting time in the University’s existence. Amid all the bustle of settling the freshers into their new campus and building it up around them however, do not forget those on Heslington West. With the threat of bar closures and reduced portering hours, the time could not be more apt to remind the University of its responsibility to students on both sides of Heslington.