Later licensing for campus bars

The university is planning to extend late licensing on campus from 2am to 3am.

The City of York Council has confirmed that they have received enquiries from Commercial Services, who intend to extend licensing hours in University venues from this October.

The proposed arrangement is for licensing hours to be extended, which will see hours extend from 10pm to 2am, to 10pm to 3am.

Having applied on the 18th September for the extension, campus venues must wait 28 days until the 16th October, should any objections to the proposal be made.

The original request for the change came from the Students Union. They stated that the reason a large number of students leave the campus and go into the city is because campus events close too early. If the application is granted by October 16, all campus events would be set to benefit from a new 3am closing time.

YUSU Welfare Officer Ben Humphrys commented that “extending the licence will make campus bars more competitive and encourage students to use them at the weekends. Obviously we will be very concerned to ensure that the later license doesn’t adversely affect resident students, especially in relation to reduced portering hours, and we’ll be working closely with the colleges and University to watch for and mitigate any effects.

All campus bars have had the original 2am closing time since November 2005.