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[mmplace location=”MERSEYSIDE, UNITED KINGDOM”]76% of UK postal workers have voted for a national strike which is due to take place during the run up to Christmas. Royal Mail officials claim that profits are not nearly high enough to meet the demands of the Communication Workers Union modernisation plan as well as maintaining their generous final salary pension scheme. The strikes are thought to hit the Merseyside and London postal regions most dramatically.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”ROME, ITALY”]Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is undergoing a hearing to determine whether he will be able to continue to avoid a series of trials that could bring down his government. The Prime Minister has had an extensive list of allegations made against him including corruption, bribery of judges and police officers, false accounting, and mafia collusion. A law Berlusconi passed that prevents him from criminal prosecution is currently under review.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”DUBLIN, IRELAND”]The speaker of the Irish parliament has announced his resignation following embarrassing revelations about his expenses. During his time as Speaker and Minister for Tourism he racked up around €600,000 in travel expenses. He has billed Irish tax payers for up to €1000 a night in hotels and once spent €472 on a limousine to transport him between two Heathrow airport terminals.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”KABUL, AFGHANISTAN”]17 people have been killed by a car bomb detonated outside the Indian embassy in Kabul on Thursday. The Taleban have claimed responsibility for the attack and confirmed that they were targeting the Indian embassy. The doors and windows of the Indian embassy were blown out although the building was spared further damage by concrete blast barriers that were erected following attacks earlier this year.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”PARIS, FRANCE”]The French Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterrand is struggling to save his job following outrage over his admission of paying “boys” for sex in Thailand. Mitterrand released his autobiography La mauvaise vie (The Bad Life) in 2005 when he was a television presenter in which he detailed his encounters. Nicolas Sarkozy thought that Mitterrand would be protected by the French tradition of discretion concerning politicians’ private lives.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”INDIAN OCEAN”]Somali pirates looking to highjack a merchant vessel accidently boarded the French warship La Somme last Wednesday. The pirates failed to notice the 40mm cannon and missiles on the deck of the ship but retreated when they realised their mistake. After an hour La Somme caught up with one of the pirate boats and the crew surrendered.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”WASHINGTON D.C., USA”]US president Barack Obama and German novelist Herta Muller, have received Nobel Prizes for Peace and Literature respectively. Obama became a Nobel Laureate “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” The decision to award such a prestigious prize to a leader who has only been in office for 9 months has proved to be highly controversial. The president has accepted the prize.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”MAJORCA, SPAIN”]The former Boyzone singer Stephen Gately has died aged 33 whilst on a holiday in Majorca. The singer was found dead on his hotel sofa after a night of partying. The cause of death is currently unclear as there is no evidence that the death is suspicious and no evidence of excessive alcohol or drug use.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM”]It is likely that Gordon Brown will be asked to pay back some of his expenses following an investigation that he himself launched. Gordon Brown is said to have paid his brother £6,500 for the services of a shared cleaner. At present it is unclear why the cleaner was not paid directly.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”DNIPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE”]The England football team are to make a formal complaint to the FA after fans threw flares onto the pitch during a world cup qualifier match on Saturday night. During the match in which England lost 1-0 to Ukraine flares were hurled onto the pitch on several occasions one of which sailed past England goalkeeper David James’ head. The fans were warned at half time that if another flare was thrown the match would be cancelled.[/mmplace]
[mmplace location=”ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN”]A group of Pakistani commandoes stormed an office building on Sunday morning in order to free 39 hostages held by al Qaeda gunmen. The alleged leader of the gunmen, Mohammed Aqeel, (thought to be responsible for attacks on the Pakistani cricket team in March) was captured. Three hostages, two commandoes, and four hostage-takers were killed in the raid.[/mmplace]


  1. The proposed CWU proposed Royal Mail strikes show just how out of step the Union is with reality. The workers are employed because we put our trust in a dependable service. By undermining that trust we will simply look for better alternatives.


  2. So the fact that postal workers have rubbish pay, conditions and prospects doesn’t really factor? There was me thinking they were employed so they could earn a decent living, my mistake. The management of the Royal Mail is incompetent and has totally refused to negotiate with the CWU. Shame on them! And shame on you, Nouse, for refusing to present the CWU’s side of the story!

    PS. Usual disclaimer about being personal views, not those of Labour Club, YUSU, moomins, yada yada