Face Control


We’ve been dying for an excuse to print this picture all week, on the basis that it is amazing. Her lips dabbed in sugar sprinkles prior to being covered in syrup and pink feathers (see M7), Laura Connor is surely the face of campus 2009 following the departure of Amy Browne. Moreover, she’s been under our nose all along as the Mancunian Deputy News Editor. On a serious note, we’re always on the lookout for participants in Muse shoots, but a word of warning. Laura was temporarily unable to see when syrup lodged between her contact lenses and eyelids. We thought her contorting in pain was posing. Oh dear.


The Muse team only got into Mo’Nique this week after seeing Domino and the trailer for Precious, but this icon for larger American women has kept us enthralled with work from her diverse career portfolio, including books (‘Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted’) and stand-up. Our fave moment: “This is the goddamn south where we eat whatever the fuck we wanna eat! We eat that real shit, that fresh shit. We eat fresh motherfucking pig from the back yard: bitch catch it! Bitch catch it!” Amaze.