York shines again in Guardian award nominations

Students and publications from the University of York have once again shone in this years Guardian Student Media Awards, receiving nominations in a wide variety of categories.

Both student newspapers, Nouse and York Vision, have already been nominated for publication awards, with Nouse nominated in the category of Student Website of the Year and Vision nominated for Student Newspaper of the Year.

Students representing both publications have also been nominated for individual awards, with Vision Editor Martin Williams nominated for Student Reporter of the Year. Nouse writer John Halstead and Vision Editor Jim Norton were nominated for Student Sports Writer of the Year.

Nouse Muse Editor Liam O’Brien and Nouse Features Editor Holly Thomas are nominated for Student Diversity Writer of the Year and Student Features Writer of the Year respectively. Also nominated is former Nouse Comment Editor Jenny O’Mahony in the category of Student Columnist of the Year.

Nominations are still being released. Student-run news website The Yorker have yet to receive any nominations.


  1. congrats to everyone nominated! just go easy on the free champagne, or you’ll end up swearing at senior Guardian editors

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  2. I’ve been on the website – and they are reviewing all of the nominatons at 1pm.


    It keeps crashing on my computer but this great for York today, really is.

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  3. Alas scotty that happened a while ago, the winners have been decided. There are some twitter comments from the ppl that judged magazine and website categories but nothing that really merits a search.

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  4. Yeah I saw that the page just needed updating.

    Silly me.. disregard

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  5. Tom McDermott, from Vision, is also up for Reporter of the Year.

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  6. It is nice to see that York has received recognition for its student media, however I think that mentioning the Yorker in such a negative light is unnecessarily cynical and an unsupportive approach to York media as a whole.

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  7. I mean, I’ll let Nouse enjoy their nomination, but just to say THE YORKER HAS THE BEST WEBSITE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!

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  8. 23 Sep ’09 at 6:19 pm

    Oh, please...

    Anon (and Kanye…)

    I think the sentence is purely factual, especially considering that this story was published when nominations were still emerging. It’s only cynical if you’re reading it in a bitter light, right?

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  9. We’ll find out the full shortlists on Monday :)

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