Derwent Bar to remain open

YUSU and the University have announced that Derwent Bar will remain open from Tuesdays to Saturdays for the start of next term.

In a joint press release the Union and University have this evening announced that following consultation with Pro Vice-Chancellor for Students Jane Grenville, Commercial Services, Facilities Management and the Derwent JCR the bar will remain open for at least the first five weeks of the autumn term.

The bar will remain open from Tuesdays to Saturdays inclusive following a proposal made by YUSU yesterday. Representatives of the Derwent JCR were present at the meeting alongside University and Union officials. The bar will trade for an initial five weeks, after which a review of the performance will determine the future of the venue.

The University announced the closure of the bar last week after it was revealed that it had made a loss over the last academic year. Following the announcement there were complaints that there had been very little consultation with the Derwent JCR over the future of it’s bar, and YUSU Democracy and Services Officer Lewis Bretts proposed that the Union intervene and run the bar for the first five weeks of the term.

Despite Bretts proposal it will be Commercial Services who continue to run the bar for the five week review period.

YUSU has also promised to work with the University and the JCR to ensure a program of events to encourage renewed patronage of the bar.

Speaking on the decision, Bretts commented “I am delighted by this result and hope that it ushers in a new spirit of collaboration between YUSU and commercial services. I look forward to seeing new students making use of it when they arrive.”


  1. Small victory, let’s hope that we end up with an Alcuin-like solution, continually postponement of death until a satisfactory solution for all is received :)

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  2. 2 Sep ’09 at 9:41 pm

    Nathan Ratcliffe (Derwent Bar Rep)

    The fight isn’t over yet! We still need everyone to come down and actually use the bar now! Even if half of the people in the ‘Save Derwent Bar’ group on Facebook came down for one drink a night the bar’s financial viability would never be questioned again! So let’s get drinking! (Non-alcoholic options readily available and encouraged!)

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  3. 2 Sep ’09 at 10:23 pm

    Oliver Hutchings

    Even though this is good news, 5 weeks isn’t long and it’s obvious that student services are going to suffer due to this ‘economic downturn’ which is better known within the university as ‘Hes East’.

    It’s sad that the students of today will suffer as a result of a development which contradicts the very ideals this university was founded upon.

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  4. 3 Sep ’09 at 12:30 am

    Christina Dimakoulea

    Will the cafeteria be open as well in the morning/afternoon?

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  5. This is great news. I just hope commercial services aren’t hoping to perform a ‘soft-close’ thing here, allowing them to turn around in 5 weeks and shut the bar anyway. I know they’re not headed up by Hank Scorpio or anything, but a good level of contact between them and the Derwent JCRC and YUSU through the term would seem advisable.

    I’m even more glad that it’s staying open because it’ll now be Goodricke’s closest bar on campus. I’ll defiantly be stopping in there on the way back from lectures!

    Oh and Oli it could be argued that expansion is needed as more and more people are applying to university, however I agree that it sucks that during the current generation of York student’s time at the Uni other areas may suffer due to the costs involved.

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  6. I guess my early morning classes will start @ the bar and end at the bar. :P

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