July 2009

Taking a Diversion

As a second year economics student, heavy emphasis is placed on securing valuable work experience over the summer, with the aim being to gain those loveable ‘transferrable skills’ that will see us through life without any issues

Thinking to dream: The well-wishers daughter

I write with ease in knowing, our path to peace is ever growing. The walk down memory lane stretches further,…

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I often unnecessarily pride myself on the fact that I started reading the Harry Potter books before they were ever famous

York graduate inflicts latest defeat on Labour Party

University of York graduate Chloe Smith has been elected Conservative MP for Norwich North today, winning the seat from Labour and becoming the youngest MP in the country

Integration should include everyone

I do not think that I have as yet encountered a university experience that rivals my Freshers’ Week

Vintage fashion fairs

Vintage, fashion and fair. Three words to get any self respecting style enthusiast excited indeed

University announces road and building name changes

The University has announced the road and building name changes to be made due to Goodricke College moving to Heslington East

YUSU to reverse Welcome Week decision

YUSU have announced that they will be reversing the decision made last year to rebrand Freshers Week as Welcome Week

NUS attacks MP for “shameful” student finance decisions

The NUS has attacked David Lammy MP, Minister for Innovation, Universities and Skills, following a decision which they believe will leave poorer students short of funds

Michael Jackson: Fashion Retrospective

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly a singing legend, but his diverse fashionable look also influenced designers, trends, fans, fashion editors and stylists alike

Enquiry into bus passenger eliminated

An enquiry into the identity of a bus passenger who boarded a Coastliner bus at 5.39am on the morning of Claudia Lawrence’s disappearance has been eliminated

Campus chatterboxes

Nick Davies’ exposure of illegal methods undertaken by News of the Screws journalists is one of those infuriatingly difficult stories…