The Nouse Top 50

We asked students who they thought had made an outstanding contribution to life on campus this year, and received a record number of nominations. We have put them together here in the hope of giving mention to those people whose contribution to York deserves recognition

Welcome to the Nouse Top 50. In June, we asked students who they thought had made an outstanding contribution to life on campus this year, and we received record numbers of nominations for people from all walks of campus life. We have put them together here in the hope of giving mention to those people whose contribution to York deserves recognition.

The idea for the Top 50 came to us over Easter. Forbes have their rich list, Vision their Power List, but we wanted to do something different. Every year, these lists see the same, predictable names cropping up in slightly different arrangements, but we hoped to create something whereby those whose work would not usually achieve campus-wide recognition could see the value of their work to those around them.

With the number of people nominated exceeding the set quota of 50, we were unfortunately forced to select only the first 50 to arrive. Otherwise, editing of the list has been minimal, the details of each candidate coming from those who know them best. Although all those nominated could not be included, the fact that so many people were put forward can only serve to emphasise the number of people at York who work tirelessly for campus, for its students and for the surrounding area.

The list – which has not been ranked – consists of a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds. The familiar faces of Student Union Officers appear, as indeed they should do for much of the welfare, student representation and organisation on campus is down to their hard work and dedication. Alongside them, we see drama directors, student volunteers, sports men and women and many others grouped together under six main categories.

We sincerely hope that you feel this project achieves what it set out to do. And to all nominated, congratulations.


Lyn Whiting


Lyn is the coordinator of York Students in Schools (YSIS), a project which places students in volunteer placements at local schools. Having run the project for the last 13 years, she has helped numerous students and schools in need. She retires this year.

Sinead Faherty and Jen Chester


Sinead and Jen are responsible for the creation of Project Babylon – a volunteering opportunity whereby students studying languages at York are placed within local schools to give children access to foreign languages from an early age. The pair, who both study languages, wanted to create an opportunity whereby students within their discipline could use their skills to help make a difference in the community.

Nick Scarlett


As coordinator of the Student Action Kids Club and a member of the RAG committee, Nick gives up much of his time to volunteering. Every Saturday, he organises day trips away for groups of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Chris Kummelstedt and Mike Thackray


As Woodstock Coordinators, Chris and Mike are responsible for organising the 12-hour annual music festival at York. The have put huge amounts of time and dedication into producing this year’s lineup, and have pioneered new and exciting changes. Being one of RAG’s largest fundraising events, Woodstock raised £2,500 this year for its beneficiaries.

Robin Lindop-Fisher


As a volunteer for PACT, Robin has acted as mentor for a young person with cerebral palsy for the last year. He has gone out of his way to develop a close friendship with his protégée, helping him to develop his skills in music. Together they have recorded an album.

Jonathan Brockbank


Despite only working part-time for the English department, Jonathan is a something of a departmental celebrity and even has his own Facebook appreciation group. His lectures are renown for being different and engaging, and he runs extensive free essay workshops.


David Somers and Tom Brearley


What started off as a “fun little project” lead these two Computer Science students to national acclaim. Earlier this year they created Twitterfall, a programme that allows users of Twitter to search for tweets relating to a particular topic. They have appeared in national press and their programme is now used in national newsrooms.

Suraj Gangani


During his year as President of York Entrepreneurs, Suraj has overseen the most successful York Apprentice ever and raised the profile of the society on campus. Within the society, he is well known for his kindness, warmth and professionalism.

Tim Nwgena


Current YUSU President-elect, Tim has had huge success as President of Fusion. Its annual show received rave reviews, with Tim helping the show to raise more money for its beneficiaries than ever before, with a final figure of over £15,000.

Matt Burton


On re-election to YUSU this year, Matt promised to provide us with a union-run venue on campus. In January, it happened and the Courtyard is now a thriving hub on campus, thanks largely to Matt’s enthusiasm and belief in the project.

Laurie Smith


As manager of the Courtyard, Laurie is a familiar face in the campus bars. He is well known amongst students for his hard work, and the tight, efficient operation he runs. Always friendly, he is an essential part of the Courtyard.


Mike Callis


As captain of the University Men’s 1st Rugby team, Mike led his players in an outstanding season, winning all 12 of their matches in their BUCS league. Amongst the team he is known for his excellent leadership abilities and strong sense of fun.

Katy Huckle


The former YUSnow President has done much this year to raise the profile and success of her club. As well as organising a very popular and successful ski trip abroad, she has also lead the race team to victory on the slopes.

Hannah Barwick Walters


Hannah has played an integral part in the creation of one of York’s most popular clubs – the York Hornets Cheerleading Club. The club have had instant success, winning three national trophies and performing at Roses and Woodstock.

Nick Waite, Gemma Johnson, Christiana Hambro

As York Sport Tournament Secretaries, this team of sports enthusiasts were responsible for this year’s Roses competition, establishing new standards of organisation and sporting prowess, with York coming away victorious.

Paul Guest, Alex Muntus, Joe Rankin

By organising a series of inter-college rugby matches, these three helped to mastermind the return of ever-popular college rugby. With matches well-attended and participation high, the return has been a great success.


Jamie Tyler


As Student Development and Charities Officer, Jamie has given up his year for student volunteering projects, most especially ensuring the continuation of YUSU Kids’ Camp. Despite his role officially ending this term, he continues to run the projects throughout the summer.

Rory Shanks


As Societies and Communications Officer, Rory has worked hard to reshape and streamline the way that society budgets work this year. He has also pioneered rebranding in some sections of the Union, and has helped to develop a Student Activities Office for the coming year.

Sarah Fennell


As a leading figure in York’s LGBT community for the last two years, Sarah has helped lead some of their most successful and important campaigns, including the award-winning Hope Not Hate campaign. She has been elected onto the NUS LGBT Committee.

Charlie Leyland


Charlie has worked tirelessly in her role as Academic and Welfare Officer, supporting college-level reps and campaign for student welfare on a university level. She has become known amongst students for the hours and dedication she gives to everyone who comes to her for help.

Ben Humphrys


Working with Sarah, Ben has helped lead the LGBT community at York. As Welfare Officer-elect, he has given much of his time to student welfare this year, being a figurehead for LGBT and hosting a weekly welfare show on URY.

Alex Lacy


As President of York Sport, Alex has had a very successful year in seeing York victorious in Roses for a third successive year. After a shaky start proposing some controversial ideas, he has come to prove his dedication to York Sport and a be a very successful Union officer.

Tom Scott


Despite scepticism that a pirate could lead the Student Union, Tom has emerged as a competent and successful leader. He has been praised for his ability to lead committee meetings democratically and his determination and dedication towards student issues.

Tom Langrish


Tom has always been an active face in campus politics, holding both JCRC and non-sabbatical Union positions. He has been massively involved in the formation of the new GSA constitution, and has helped in the Union in every area possible, from RAG events to Freshers’ Ball.

Dan Carr


This year’s President of the GSA has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of graduate students across campus. He is responsible for huge organisational reworking within the GSA, creating a new constitution that has revolutionised the way it works. His dedication cannot be underestimated.

Dave Sharp


Despite failing to win a position on next year’s sabbatical team, Dave is still an important figure for Halifax students. As former Halifax President, he has worked hard for the students he represents and is known amongst them for his approachability and friendliness.

Oliver Lester


As last year’s Derwent chair, Oliver gave his all for his college. He remains very active in campus politics, supporting those running for positions within the Union and helping to run election campaigns. He maintains close links with his college and is returning next year as a college tutor.

Students and Societies

Joey Ellis

Whilst pursuing her PGCE, Joey has still found time to support students in her role as a college tutor and is known for her caring attitude towards undergraduates in her college. She has also given up huge amounts of her time to help with volunteer projects, acting as a driver for YUSU Kids’ Camp.

Moreno Mitrovic


Moreno set up the Linguistics Society at York, which is now so highly respected that it counts academics from other universities amongst its members. He is a committed and skilled linguist who, despite being an undergraduate, has already written and published papers for academic jounals about his subject.

Anna Bucks


As YUM Chair, Anna works very hard on behalf of all campus media outlets, and she has pioneered links between the societies to great success. She is a dedicated contributor to YSTV, helping to create some of their most successful coverage and was awarded NUS Best Student Broadcaster in recognition of her work.

Joe Marshall


As last year’s male CU President, Joe was a figurehead, mentor and friend for many students. Despite the pressure of his degree and the scale of his presidency, he was never known to show worry or stress and always found time to make himself available to anyone in need.

Anna Claire Younger


If anyone represents putting your all into student life, it’s Anna. A founding member of the York Hornets, she is heavily involved in Woodstock and Big D, is Vice-Chair of Derwent and continues a degree alongside a 20-hour a week job. She is known for her warmth, enthusiasm and dedication to everything she does.

Chris Unwin


As Derwent College Administrator, Chris has faced a difficult year following the unexpected loss of Provost Dr Ron Weir at Easter. Despite this, she has continued to work hard for the college and its students, and is very highly thought of amongst them, most especially those on its JCR.

Laura Horton


First year Laura scored an incredible 25 out of 50 in the application tests for York’s University Challenge team, coming top in the university. She is now team captain and the youngest person ever to lead a team onto the programme. She is also an active member of the York Hornets.

Mathew Tole


Matthew has put innumerable hours into YSTV this year, helping to generate some of their highest viewing figures ever. He was highly involved in their successful coverage of York Come Dancing, Roses and the YUSU elections, and has worked to raise the profile of YSTV across campus.

Jane Grenville


The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Students has been particularly praised for her work with JCRCs this year, helping to secure them extra funding from the university to enable the best possible welfare provision for students. She is also an invaluable asset for the student media, freely offering her time and advice.

Marie Thouaille


As Editor of The Yorker, Marie has helped to develop the online news website this year. Overseeing its relaunch and helping to develop new blogging systems, she has dedicated much time to campus media. She is also an important figure in the organisation of the campus pantomime.

Sebastian Owen


Working with Film Making Soc, Sebastian has been a part of some of their most successful productions, including Forest Gump in 60 Seconds. He is a dedicated and skilled cameraman who is always willing to help out. He is also known for his friendliness and kindness within the society.

Edd Graham


As a part of Vanbrugh CU, Edd does important work in their small groups, supporting those around him, providing thought provoking discussion and he regularly goes out of his way to lend a helping hand to those in need. He is renowned amongst those who know him well as a true gentleman and honest friend.

Adam Shergold


As Nouse Sports Editor, Adam is the paper’s most dedicated contributor, with 114 articles to his name. Whilst most editors enjoy a break between editions, Adam goes beyond the call of duty, covering sports events every week. He is passionate about sport and shares this passion through his work.

Katie Anderson


A third year Politics student, Katie fell ill last year and has had to undergo numerous tests. Despite her continual ill-health, she has continued with her degree and even worked as an au-pair in Paris and helped in YSTV. She is an inspirational figure, always trying to keep positive and remain smiling despite her difficulties.


Alex Wright


As a director for student drama group Belt Up, Alex is behind some of their most successful productions, including Metamorphosis, which won awards at the National Student Drama Festival. Alex’s work has helped to raise the profile of Belt Up and lift them to a level of national success.

Antonia Shaw


Part of Langwith Arts, Antonia helps to develop and coordinate the displays in the Norman Rea Gallery. She has helped to bring new and different artists to the scene, including some large names. With other members of the committee, she brought the first student commissioned sculpture to campus this term.


  1. 30 Jun ’09 at 7:44 pm

    Self-righteous Postgraduate

    What’s the justification for picking the first 50 nominations to be sent to you because the nominations exceeded 50 people? Surely you should have prioritised those who got more than one nomination, and if no one person did get more than one nomination (something I highly doubt when considering very popular people who’ve contributed a lot like Charlie Leyland and Tom Langrish), shouldn’t those nominations received 51st, 52nd, 53rd, etc, ar least be given an honourable mention?

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  2. 30 Jun ’09 at 8:35 pm

    Samuel Norman Seaborn

    It’s all a bit of fun….

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  3. Agree with the above; choosing the first 50 people is silly; had I submitted myself in the first twenty minutes I would automatically have received a place? A little odd!

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  4. The choosing process was a bit more complex than Sian made it out to be.

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  5. 1 Jul ’09 at 10:28 am

    Tobias Ziegler

    Definitely better than the Vision ‘power(less) list’. ;-)

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  6. Really nice to be on the list, but just to point out that Charlie Ward also runs Kids Club and is equally deserving of a mention.

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  7. 1 Jul ’09 at 2:51 pm

    Em Brownbill

    ‘Hope Not Hate’ wasn’t an LGBT campaign – you’re probably looking for ‘Love Without Borders’. Could that be corrected, please?

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  8. could we get a few more members of nouse in this list?

    i really didn’t think there was enough.

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  9. Indeed it must have been because there are some missing that I know I submitted early enough to have been included in the first 50.

    Kudos to TWF.

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  10. 5 Jul ’09 at 1:28 am

    In opposition

    Really, why the need to shoot down something positive? I don’t see the point.

    As for Ms On, three members of Nouse featuring on this list is hardly enough to justify an allegation of bias.

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  11. 6 Jul ’09 at 9:01 pm

    Ron Burgandy

    Why aren’t I on this list.

    I’m a big deal.

    People know me.

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  12. I don’t know you Mr Burgandy, but I know of a Ron Burgundy. Awesome Anchorman.

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  13. very 50 50 ! lacking any sense of being obviously out to stir which the vision one did and I loved it

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  14. “Jason Rose says:
    July 1, 2009 at 12:33 am
    Agree with the above; choosing the first 50 people is silly; had I submitted myself in the first twenty minutes I would automatically have received a place? A little odd!”

    Frankly, I’m surprised that you didn’t… :P

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