June 2009

The Nouse Top 50

We asked students who they thought had made an outstanding contribution to life on campus this year, and received a record number of nominations. We have put them together here in the hope of giving mention to those people whose contribution to York deserves recognition

Global Focus

The Nouse Politics Team take you through the latest happenings in the world

Henry James Foy

What will undoubtedly win through is inaction, leaving us all £300 out of pocket, and giving the new tenants something other than their ogre-like new landlord to worry about

Will Heaven

Time to leave Neverland God, it’s happened. By the time you read this column in Nouse – my last for…

The XY chromosome: the editor

God this is going to be a FIT edition. You can just tell, there’s so much energy in this room…

Charlotte Hogarth-Jones: Social pariah

“OMG you’re like soooo blind!” “I know, please take my glasses off, you’ll make the screws fall out.” “No wayyyy…

Performance aesthetics

Every time I have cyber sex I crease up This morning at 5am I was still on Facebook surveying my…


The BNP’s election to the European Parliament was met with nearly universal outrage. Holly Thomas talks to Labour MP Ann Cryer, BNP Candidate Ken Booth and a BNP member at the University of York to find out how it happened

Drawing on experiences: Karrie Fransman

Henry James Foy talks to the up-and-coming cartoonist about her comic life

Living in Harsh Times

Liam O’Brien interviews Jodie Harsh about her endeavours in the world of London celebrity

Political Edge

In terms of Commons chit-chat, this is pretty groundbreaking stuff…

Modafinil: the new wonder drug?

A pill that makes you super-productive, and sleep completely redundant. Is there a catch? Holly Thomas and Tom Hobohm talk to students who’ve tried it