February 2009

The countdown blog to Fusion 2009

The time is almost upon us, and I’m confident that the hours of rehearsals will pay dividends next week. In the meantime, forgive your lecture partners and your teammates for dribbling on your shoulder in seminars and practices- they need the shut eye

Bushby forced to abandon ‘no salary’ pledge

The presidential candidate has been forced to drop a promise to not accept a salary if elected following a ruling that the policy would be “social bribery”

Adam Shergold’s Wednesday Round-up: 25 February

Sports Editor Adam Shergold has the last word on Wednesday’s BUCS action in his must-read weekly round-up

Boeing Boeing

Boeing Boeing is Marc Camoletti’s 1960’s comment on the contemporary mutation of the glamorous nature of air-travel

Cup disappointment for impressive squash team

A fantastic run to the semi-finals of the BUCS Cup ended yesterday for York’s squash team with a tense, tight match against Manchester seconds that could have gone either way

York smash past Hallam to reach BUCS Cup final

York showed a steely determination in winning through to the BUCS Cup final with a tough victory against Sheffield Hallam on Wednesday

Candidates confirmed for upcoming YUSU elections

The official list of candidates for the upcoming YUSU elections was published this afternoon. A total of 20 students are contesting the 6 sabbatical positions

The Return of the Fireside Chat

President Obama’s Address to the Nation on 24 February was a conscious attempt to evoke Franklin D Roosevelt’s fireside chats during the Great Depression. The rhetoric was similar, the concept of expanding the reach of the Federal government was the same but are we left wondering if Obama is trying to do too much, too soon and all in the wrong way?

Divestment campaigners protest Heslington Hall

Students have protested Heslington Hall over the University’s investments in the arms trade

Equestrian team tops table going into final Regionals qualifier

York’s Equestrian ‘A’ team are top of their table going into the final qualifying round for the northern Regionals after a superb home performance last week

YUSU to campaign for improved University cards

A motion to campaign the University for better identity cards for York students has been passed after the last Union General Meeting

Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas

A laudably brazen piece of theatre which attempted to take its audience in a playful half-nelson from the off, and hold it there in perpetuity