YUSU and JCRCs clash over Ents Planner

Relations between YUSU and college JCRC Entertainments Officers have soured over proposals to allocate every Saturday of next term to events hosted by the Students’ Union Bar.

Derwent JCRC Chair Oliver Lester said: “YUSU has a commitment to support all colleges; it’s clearly looking after its own here. On a personal level, issues such as this disgust and dishearten my belief in campus politics. YUSU have acted selfishly and I believe students will be worse off overall.”

Rory Shanks, YUSU societies and communications officer contests this opinion: “We believe that the new venue will complement campus, encouraging Commercial Services to up their ante, and everyone wins.”

The Union Bar, currently under construction in Langwith College, will be in direct competition with the colleges for similar events such as open mic nights and bar quizzes. Chris Kummelstedt Derwent JCRC Vice chair has commented: “YUSU securing all Saturdays for their own bar is not optimal. It may very well lead to the end of a long and good tradition of college events.”

It is vital for YUSU that its events sell-out as the proposal for opening a Student Venue in Heslingtion East depends on the success of the new bar.

However, some JCRC entertainment representatives have claimed that the competition between YUSU and college events is not fair after a vote was passed preventing any attempts by colleges to host competing events on a Saturday night.

Kate Taylor, Vanbrugh Entertainment representative, has criticised the “undemocratic voting system – at Ents committee they have eight votes… whilst the colleges who represent thousands of students only receive one vote each, totalling at seven.”

Additional hostility stems from the fact that YUSU owns both the bar and its events and as a result the profits made on drinks in the bar can be spent on improving YUSU events with more expensive prizes in bar quizzes and cheaper tickets.

Taylor notes: “The capacity for the YUSU bar on a regular night is 400 and on an event night between 800-1,000 people. This means that even when we have an event on the Friday, we’re competing with a bigger, probably cheaper, event on the Saturday.”

As Nouse went to print, Shanks was calling a meeting at eleven o’clock on Monday morning in an attempt to rectify the issue.