The Guillemots – The Duchess

Event: The Guillemots

Venue: The Duchess

Rating: ****

Far from being just another venture around the country, Guillemots’ current Fishbone for a Drink tour is refreshingly original with traditional support acts replaced by a half hour improvisation in conjunction with short films label Future Shorts. This truly unique concept sees a projector screen descend in front of the stage, and a host of short films are re-scored live by the band, who operate subtly and out of view.
This collaboration suits Guillemots’ expansive tendencies down to the ground, although the whole affair did at times seem a little diffuse and occasionally bemusing. Intriguing at the very least though, the performance was truly touching at times, as the music connected to the events on the screen.
The main set saw Guillemots on beautiful form with a host of songs from both albums appearing alongside two (excellent) brand new tracks.
Crowd favourite ‘Trains to Brazil’ proved popular as ever and managed to get the everyone shuffling around in the tiny space in front of the stage.  They’re one of the few bands with the audacity and ability to close a set with an 11 minute epic such as Sao Paolo, only for front-man Fyfe Dangerfield to reappear, alone except for his hand held keyboard, to perform a quiet and stunningly heart felt rendition of ‘Blue Would Still be Blue’. The noisy crowd fell silent and strained to listen to his dulcet tones .
The gesture was lost on some, but it was a poignant moment and a much more interesting way to end the night than your ‘so here’s the one you’ve been waiting for’ kind of encore.