Security fears after intruders gain access to bedrooms

The University has launched an investigation after an unknown intruder gained access to an undergraduate student’s bedroom.

Provoking fears for student safety and security, the student returned to her locked room to find that a white rose had been left on her pillow.

Keith Lilley, Director of Facilities Management, told Nouse that the University “takes the issue very seriously”, and that “security officers will be following this up with the student in question”.

Last fortnight, Jess Moore, a Philosophy undergraduate from Goodricke A-block, returned home to discover that an unauthorised person had accessed her room whilst she had been out. Moore returned to her college at around ten o’clock, after an evening out with friends, to find that a white rose and a novel by Jodie Picoult – which featured a rose on its cover – had been placed on her pillow.

Moore confirms that she had locked the door before going out and that it had remained locked upon her arrival home. This raised fears that the perpetrator may have gained access using a duplicate key. Moore endeavored to change her lock as soon as possible.

The incident has brought into question the actions of a Goodricke porter, who advised Moore to wait until the following morning for the issue to be dealt with. Moore commented that the porter in question “was not very helpful”. She revealed that, rather than calm her fears, he informed her that someone with mental issues had just been removed from Goodricke A-Block.

Jane Clarbour, Goodricke Provost, supported the University’s handling of the situation. She said: “We take student safety very seriously in Goodricke College, and arrangements were made to have this lock changed immediately”.

However Moore remains unsatisfied: “The porter could have called maintenance and had the locks changed then and there; but he didn’t,” she said.

This case follows a similar security issue that took place earlier this term, when an undergraduate student found that a note had been left on her desk. The message, including a telephone number, was written and deposited by a workman who had entered her room whilst she had been out.

Rory Shanks, YUSU Societies and Communications Officer encouraged “any student that believes their accommodation to have been subject to unauthorized entry to contact Security & Support Services immediately”.

The lock on Moore’s door has now been changed, and Lilley states that the University hopes to “ascertain if there is any information that can be followed up to progress this matter”.

He notes: “Once the investigation has concluded, any action that can be taken dependent upon the findings will be followed through”.

At the time of print, the intruder remains unknown.