Salvation will never steal Ziggy’s Wednesday crown.

So much for Wednesday night Sport Night. The only fight going on nowadays is between Salvation and YUSU. The walls sweat, the music’s awful and you have to navigate your way through a never-ending scrum of huge rugby players just to get out, but it’s official: Students love Ziggy’s. The baffling loyalty that students have towards this death-trap was known to freshers before we even set foot in the place, so it’s bizarre that York Sport ever thought this could be changed. Perhaps they just underestimated the desire that we apparently have to be stood on, pushed around and generally mistreated in all kinds of ways by face-painted, scantily clad members of the opposite sex. You’d think they’d have known better.

And now Salvation is threatening to throw its toys out of the pram and go back on the agreement altogether. They are perfectly within their rights to do so, and it would definitely be for the best of all concerned. If Salvation moves its student night, it might stop them becoming a total joke. The mere 12 people who’ve actually been there may not be ridiculed for the rest of the year, and students might have somewhere to go on a Saturday night. 

York Sport will have to face up to the fact that this parental “we know what’s good for you” attitude isn’t well received, and should probably just back down. The most likely scenario was that they thought they were doing students a favour, creating a more organised night with free stuff, which is normally guaranteed to grab our attention. Now, they need to work either with Salvation to move Sport Night to a different day of the week, or to let Salvation do its own thing. There’s nothing quite like biting the hand that feeds you, as York Sport have discovered. It’s obvious: Wednesdays belong to Ziggy’s.  See you there.