Overcrowded lectures cause concern

Issues of overcrowding in lectures has led to fears for safety and student attendance.

Problems have been reported in lectures for Economics and Accounting, as well as Business Finance and Management.

Joanna Rice, a first year Accounting, Business Finance and Management student, reported that she “literally has to leave twenty minutes before the lecture just to get a seat” and that people have to sit on the floor and in walkways.

This has led to fears that students in these lectures could be at risk in the case of an emergency. Dr David Efird, the Vanbrugh Provost, commented that “not only is overcrowding in lectures detrimental to students’ learning, it is also detrimental to their health and safety.”

The overcrowding has been put down to the popularity of certain modules, and is particularly prominent with first year undergraduate modules.

Professor Peter Simmons, the Head of Economics, said that the problem had been taken very seriously.
Charlie Leyland, YUSU Academic and Welfare Officer, commented: “The problem at the moment is that numbers in lectures could easily be controlled with a cap on the number of students able to elect certain modules.”

Leyland admits that this is not ideal, claiming: “I am a believer that the liberty to choose modules precedes that of comfort, but certainly not of health and safety.”