NUS reform proposals endorsed by conference

Reform proposals designed to reconstruct the way in which the NUS is governed were voted for by a large majority at the NUS Extraordinary Conference on November 13.

Delegates met at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, where the reform proposals were passed with 82%.

NUS President Wes Steeting expressed delight at the results: “A reformed NUS is visible on the horizon,” he said. The reforms involve the creation of new structures, such as an elected National Executive Council, which would entail full-time members drawn from the NUS, students and professionals. Streeting and his team have worked on the proposals for eight months, hoping to create “a dynamic and responsive union.”

The proposals cannot be ratified until next spring, when it is ordered by a minimum of 25 member unions, or the annual conference.

Throughout the day a number of amendments were made to the proposal. These included granting students’ unions the power to call National Ballots NUS when members request one.

Rory Shanks, YUSU Societies and Communications Officer, commented on the election: “We are incredibly pleased that the governance proposal passed the Extraordinary”. He added that YUSU “look forward to the next conference so that we can pass it once and for all, and we will be one of the unions calling for that [the extraordinary] motion”.