Nouse Playlist

Laura Hulley: Katy Perry – ‘Hot and Cold’: How does one follow a hit such as ‘I Kissed a Girl’? I don’t think I’m alone in confessing I’d written her off as one hit wonder. I’m way out my comfort zone, but I sense a masterclass in ‘how to do the awkward second single’.  Even hardcore indie, dance, or subgenre purists can surely be ready to admit that this is pop as it was meant to be: vacuous, simple, and sexy.  Try and stop singing it. I dare you.

Isaac Hewlings: Riot in Belgium – ‘La Musique’: the 2-piece Australian outfit released this back in 2007, yet I can’t stop listening to it. The electro-house genre tends to flirt with female vocals, and usually I hate it, but here it works. It’s unrelenting, but courtesy of above-mentioned lady, it develops into a sexy, dirty, dancefloor bomb. For once, the ‘dirty’ moniker actually fits. The buzz-saw synth has a no-nonsense feel and the kick drum wont stopping jack-hammering your brain . Very fun, and a good counter-weight to all the Justice we’ve been listening to.

Tom Killingbeck: The Raveonettes – ‘Blush’: This cut is from their third LP Lust, Lust, Lust, and is a typically melodramatic slice of noisy sonic candy. The B-Side was commissioned for a Gap ad, something only The Raveonettes are cool enough to get away with whilst maintaining their über-hip credentials. “I can’t love you, see, despite my hurtful ways, I can still make you blush”-they intone over walls of beautiful guitar.

Estella Adeyeri Deerhunter:– “Nothing ever happened”: Taken from the album Microcastle, this track displays the defining elements of Deerhunter’s sound – a hybrid of catchy garage-rock riffs and uplifting ambient instrumentals. The vocals of Bradford Cox provide a delicate compliment to the track before it reaches a climax of guitars and synth.