No longer overlooked

The current state of the Graduate Student Association puts things at YUSU in perspective. Both groups went through the same review process last year. The GSA were slammed for unworkable election processes, an appalling lack of cohesive management and an imperceptible link to its membership. YUSU were told that moving the AU Office upstairs might make conversations easier.

The GSA did not heed these warnings. Further, two senior Officers, including the President, walked out this summer. This newspaper, regretfully, missed these events entirely. Campus media exists for a variety of reasons, but one important one is to hold authority bodies to account. YUSU are all too aware of this. They know that mistakes on their part are always highlighted and analysed in great detail by media societies such as this one. The GSA, due to their marginalised position and poor campus presence, and due to this paper’s lack of interest in the organisation, escape similar scrutiny. The events of this week illustrate how much of a bad thing this is.

This must change. Graduate students are part of Nouse’s readership, and the GSA needs to be watched in the same manner that YUSU is. Their officers are paid the same as YUSU’s, and elected to do equatable jobs. They must, therefore, work as hard, and as competently, as their counterparts across the lake.