Delicatessen: Fudies
address: Walmgate
average price for cut: £4.50

If you love alternative tastes, or if you’re sick of being limited to feeding from the flesh of chickens, pigs and cows – and frankly feel they deserve a break from the slaughterhouse – then ‘Fudies’ may be your answer.

This urban food store, situated on Walmgate, is for all those people who have an enthusiastic interest in the preparation and consumption of good food. Although somewhat pricey, it sells a range of high-quality ingredients for all student chefs. Expect organic and fair-trade products, including sauces, spices and marinades. There’s a decent gluten free selection and you can buy anything from ostrich-eggs to ‘Civet Coffee’ that’s made from the droppings of South-East Asia’s civet cats that feed from only the ripest coffee beans.

The best on offer are located in the fridge at the back that’s bursting with a range of exotic meats, including zebra, crocodile, wildebeest and camel. I recommend the kangaroo steak fried with garlic. Swapping a beef steak for kangaroo will also help to save the planet argue Australian scientists. Producing virtually no methane, they’re far more enviromentally friendly than cows or sheep.