Former SU President to fight fee increases

York Councillor and former YUSU President, James Alexander, has launched a campaign to ‘Keep the Cap’ on tuition fees. The campaign was started at York on November 17.

Alexander, who is the prospective MP for York Outer, says he is worried that “in these times of economic crisis” potentially “world class” academics could be put off University because of the expense involved. NUS President Wes Streeting was “very pleased that International Students’ Day 2008 has been chosen to kick off such an important campaign for students’ rights.” The current tuition fee cap is £3,300.


  1. Conservativehome is running an article calling for the cap to be scrapped.

    Please join the facebook group to stop this from happening.

    Councillor James Alexander
    Prospective Labour MP for the University of York


  2. Yes, the Tories are going to lift the cap.

    Yes, the Labour party is thinking of doing the same.

    Yes, the Lib Dems are more likely to abolish tuition fees than increase the cost to £10K p/a…

    The point is irrelevant. A national campaign is needed – joining a facebook group because a minor Tory website suggests that they want to increase it is a silly response.