First-years win entrepreneur title

A Team of four York students have been named the winners of the York Entrepreneur’s competition.
‘4 Team’, led by  first year Management student Chloe Milne triumphed over a total of 18 competing teams, after working with the renowned jewellery designer Jo Bagshaw.
The competition, organised by the York Entrepreneur’s Society, ran for four days and involved two challenges, the first of which was to design a marketing strategy for creating a toy aimed at boys between the ages of 7 and 12. The teams met with three marketing consultants for half an hour each to develop ideas and plans.
Three teams remained in the final round, which challenged the students to work with a local designer in Parliament Street, the child-themed market in York. Each team was required to attempt to sell their respective designer’s work over the course of a 9-to-5 day. ‘4 Team’ won after making the greatest profit of £78.
A number of famous faces were present to judge, including Imran Hakin, whose company invented the iTeddy. Suraj Gangani, President of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society, said that Hakim was “most impressed with the ideas,” and he thought a number of the teams had potential to be “very successful.”
Gangani saw the event as a success, but was critical of York City Council’s organisation. The Society was initially promised 3 tables on Parliament Street, but one had to be moved onto Newgate Market, which may have put the team at a disadvantage The Society tried to compensate for this problem by upping the effected team’s profits by an agreed percentage. Whilst the society was mostly treated as any other paying customer by the Council, Gangani commented that, in this instance, he felt more like they were “treated as students.”