All we do is artifice. We’ve done nothing.

There’s two ways of living here now. There’s the old way then there’s the new way.

The old way is voiceless and erased..

In low dives such as this the burden of birth and education falls from me and I feel – I don’t know what to feel.

Presented to the circle of scholastics in scientific form.

People are meat

I have lost my origins.

And when I emptied myself there was this happiness with the fact I had nothing to do.

Where threre is no sense there is no feeling. I paint red meat as I paint bodies just because.

images 2-9 – George lowther, image 1 – Alexandru Hristea, Models: the Destructors, Criss Noice, Kate Taylor.


  1. needs more boobs and less blood


  2. i like the fanny bit