Campus healthcare failing students

Healthcare provision on campus has come under fire after students expressed dissatisfaction with the current Health Care centre.

Concern has been levelled in particular at a perceived lack of privacy present during the appointment-making process at the on-campus centre. “I was surprised when they asked me what the appointment was for in front of a silent waiting room,” commented one first year student, who wished to remain unnamed. “I knew there were private rooms available but it felt like a lot of fuss. I feel sorry for people who want to keep their problem private, it must be horrible.”

Another major concern has been the lack of a GUM clinic on campus. Chlamydia tests are available free of charge from Nightline, the healthcare centre and the Student Union, however the health centre does not offer screenings for other sexually transmitted infections. Patients also wishing to make contraception appointments are directed to family planning clinics whenever possible. The nearest facilities are in Monkgate Health Centre in the city centre.

Charlie Leyland, YUSU Academic and Welfare Officer, admits that this is unacceptable: “It’s too far, you can’t drop in and it’s inaccessible. If you’re sexually active, as many students are, you need the provision [on campus] to make sure that your sexual practices are safe. It’s about embracing our duty of care to the student community.”

However, university officials claim the issue is out of their control. A statement from Keith Lilley, Director of Facilities Management, said: “The University does not manage the Health Centre provision. This is the local PCT (Primary Care Trust). GUM services are part of the York DGH (District General Hospital) provision and these services are commissioned by the PCT for our area. Unfortunately the University cannot change this provision independently of the commissioner or indeed the provider.” He also said that concerns for the appointments procedure can be raised directly with the practice.
The Students’ Union Welfare Committee are currently conducting a review of sexual health on campus.

Students looking for more information are asked to contact Leyland on [email protected]