Morale boosting cup win for tennis firsts

York get much needed first win of the season in the men’s tennis, putting in a very solid-looking performance against Leeds seconds in the cup…

A triumph over Leeds University seconds in the second round of the BUCS Cup for the men’s tennis first team came as a welcome morale boost yesterday after a difficult start to the season for the York side. Finally adding a win to their empty BUCS account in Northern Conference 2B has undoubtedly relieved the pressure on the team to deliver this year.

Riddled with talented players in the York side this year, victory in three out of four singles games saw Leeds vanquished. Number one David Leff-Halstein played with power and precision on court delivering great topspin on the ball and impressing with his defensive lobs, winning his games 6-3 and 6-2.

New to the team this year is Jack Moon, whose ball-striking skills were more than apparent in his match. He displayed little vulnerability with some inspiring backhand shots – winning the first set 6-1 – and left little opportunity for his opponent from that point on, hitting the ball with immaculate precision every time taking the next set 6-1.

Men's 1st vs. Leeds 2nds Tennis, 19.11.08, Photo: George Lowther.

York were in good form in the tennis

(George Lowther)

Tennis games have been undermined by the poor conditions of the courts, which has proved a distraction from the ability of the York team. First-teamer Peter Thomson-Glover told Nouse how the slippery court has a ‘tremendous impact during a game’ and the entire team agreed that losing grip when trying to reach the ball makes for very frustrating playing conditions, compromising the quality of the matches. Nonetheless, due to his powerful forehand, Thomson-Glover still won both his sets 6-4 7-5.

The doubles games resulted in a narrow victory for Leeds 8-6, an unnecessary loss for York who were clearly the stronger side. Players Leff-Halstein and Osbourne were the first to represent York. This game was tense; York smashing the ball across court and both players hitting heavy slices, although Osbourne will admit that his forehand has seen better days this season.

Thomson-Glover and Moon had spectators on the edge of their seats in their thrilling doubles game. With the match seemingly wrapped up early on and Moon serving impeccably, the stamina of the Leeds team saw them claw their way back into the game and eventually go on to win. York were left annoyed at their 8-9 loss knowing they ‘really should have won.’ Nevertheless, York demonstrated great promise on the court that will be something to look out for this season.