B Henry’s to remain open

The University has chosen not to close B Henry’s until the outcome of a Bar Strategy Group review.

Following pressure from YUSU and Alcuin JCRC, as well as student support for the bar, Student Services Committee today chose to reconvene the strategy group, which investigated the former Langwith and Halifax bars last year.

“I’m overjoyed. It’s great news. We’ve shown that when students work together we really can achieve something,” said Tom Langrish, Alcuin JCRC Vice-Chair

The group will present its findings to a meeting of the committee on February 26th next year.

YUSU gave full support to the Alcuin campaign to save the bar after a motion was passed at the last Union General Meeting on November 7.

The University’s intent to close the bar was first seen in October, when figures showed that it was not commercially viable.

Although the bar is estimated to have made a loss of up to £10,000 last year, Alcuin JCRC Chair Erik O’ Connor commented that the figures provided “made him doubt the accounting [of Commercial Services]”. Alcuin Provost, Tony Ward, supported the Alcuin chair and challenged the suggestion that the bar wasn’t economically and commercially viable.

O’Connor has also criticised the attitude of Commercial Services, saying that it dated back to the 1980s, when the then-Vice-Chancellor regarded the University from a “commercial point of view”.

B Henry’s has become the latest college social space to face closure, following last year’s decision to cease trading in JJ’s, the Halifax college bar.


  1. According to Langrish’s facebook name, he is in support of closing B-Henry’s?! :P.


  2. Cunny Funt, I think the technical term is ‘facebook-raped’?…


  3. The outlet as a whole did not make a loss. Indeed, it made an overall profit of over £10,000


  4. *phew!*

    “loss of up to £10,000 last year”

    The Commerical Services quoted 7,000 to us when in a formal meeting and this is why their sudden edit of the number, especially when the 7K figure was shaky, has been seen by Tony Ward and Erik O’Connor to be dodgy, I suspect!

    Thank goodness that it’s over for now… and hopefully we can keep the momentum on changing the system going until after the next review – if we can show the numbers show that it is actually making a profit then that’s good! After all, going to the bar once and spending a quid might enable people to go there every day for lunch and spending another £200 in a year, which would never show up in these numbers, etc..!