The Raccoons – Run With Us

Artist: The Raccoons
Track: Run with us

Apparently, the 80s had so much dancey goodness oozing out of every orifice it had to offload it in the weirdest places… which is how we ended up watching the cartoon capers of environmentalist woodland creatures and thelocal capitalist crocodile being soundtracked by this life affirming Bonnie
Tyler-esque new wave stomper. N. B. DJs of the world: just because a song’s vocalist is called Lisa Raccoon it’s no reason to be sniffy. When the chorus urges you to ‘Ca-ca-ca-come with us’, you’ll be all but ready to run away to join an 80s disco commune and while away the rest of your life pulling shapes in front of a screen playing The Raccoons on repeat. If you want to introduce some new moves into your repertoire to impress the ladies/fellas in Gallery, check out the video in which Thriller is combined with Footloose to devastating effect. If only cartoons were still like this. Where were the Klaxons when the producers of Mona the Vampire were looking for a theme tune?

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