On the Up

Artist: Holy Fuck

With a name like Holy Fuck, I wouldn’t begrudge you any criticism you may choose to throw in this band’s direction. It’s a terrible name, and it all but guarantees you won’t be hearing any of their music on the radio any time soon, which is a shame, as it’s excellent, their twitchy and often coarse electronic creations bursting with excess energy.

Holy Fuck take an unusal approach towards their chosen genre;rejecting the techniques so often used in modern electronic music they avoid the use of laptops or backing tracks and instead organically build each song from scratch with a whole host of instruments, including toy keyboards. Far from being a gimmick, this is typical of the band’s approach. Sophomore album LP, released in 2007, was crafted on tour where the band took to the stage each night unrehearsed. These improvisations were then honed in the studio, with some tracks recorded live. The results are astounding, and LP proved to be popular with the likes of NME, Pitchfork and the Juno Awards, where they were nominated for Alternative Album of the Year. NME even proclaimed the Canadians the third best new act of Glastonbury 2007. this is just one of many festivals the band are playing this summer as they trawl around the world armed with tracks as intense as ‘Royal Gregory’ and ‘The Pulse’. The real crowd winner will be ‘Lovely Allen’, a cacophony of noise with a soaring keyboard melody and a triumphant violin thrown into the mix. Watch out for them this summer.

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