Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch the Landlord

Artist: Dead Kennedys
Track: Let’s Lynch the Landlord

A few months ago, my bedside wall became afflicted with a patch of mould roughly the same shape (though, regrettably, not the size) of Argentina. Upon noticing this development, I felt rather smug. After all, what had I come to University for if not ‘Young Ones’-style squalor? And yet, this ode to grot reminds me how embarrassingly speckless my life remains. ‘Let’s Lynch the Landlord’ is a criminally fun little romp that perfectly exhibits the Kennedys’ knack for producing trenchant, witty tracks that marry melody with legitimate punk bollocks. The nifty guitar work and insistent little bass hook combine for a surprisingly danceable experience. Dancing to the DKs requires a blend of joy and anger which reflects the content of the band’s music. It may not feel feasible to appropriate two such visceral emotions at once in this cold, cold decade. But give it a go eh?