‘Get me out of here’ stunt planned for JCRC chairs

All seven college chairs have agreed to take part in an ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!’ style challenge in support of RAG.

The brainchild of James Chair Chet Khatu, the ‘I’m a Chair, get me out of here!’ event will take place over the weekend of week three of the autumn term.

“Chairs will have to live in the Quiet Place for a weekend with no contact to the outside world and will have horrible challenges subjected to them,” said Khatu. “The choice of what to do to us will be made by others, such as YUSU, YSTV crew or students,” he added.

Khatu hopes the initiative will raise awareness and financial support for RAG, with chairs being sponsored for their participation. College RAG Reps will also collect donations throughout the weekend, and it is hoped that the event will help integration between the colleges:

“This would be a fantastic event, which would really help raise the profile of RAG,” said Derwent Chair Oliver Lester, who also sits on the RAG Committee.

Vanbrugh Chair, Matt Oliver commented “I’m up for this, so long as I don’t have to share a tent with Lester. He’s already pinned one on me, I’m not sure I want to give him the opportunity to take it to the next level…yet!”. The seven chairs will be sharing three tents, the sleeping arrangements of which have yet to be decided.

“I’m already thinking about what I’m going to smuggle into the campsite to make life easier,” admitted Khatu.

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