June 2008

A Clockwork Orange

Quickly, this performance was apparently far from amateur. Led in through the back entrance of the York Studio Theatre, the audience were warned about the violent content by Wright – just in case we had missed the posters outside

The Incredible Hulk

On paper, The Incredible Hulk incites commentary on varied, complex issues: the interplay of ego and id in the male mind, reprimands against nuclear warfare as well as post 9/11 ideas of civic disorder and the destruction of urban landscapes. All these ideas, though, find their tumult constructed around a giant green man, and outside the safety of comic book pages, their exploration would seem ridiculous. In this spirit, the film gladly explores an approximation of bugger all and isn’t even too entertaining in the process

Campus Lifestyle

Prior to university, my perception of feminism had been shaped largely by a snippet of conversation I’d heard, a woman advising another on divorce: “Bleed the fucker dry”

University criticised over Heslington Hall security during protest

A member of University staff has voiced their concerns over the high level of security deployed at Heslington Hall during today’s protest

Student protests over delayed opening of Langwith Bar continue

A second protest against the University has taken place outside of Heslington Hall

The complete festival fashion survival guide

As festival season kicks off, Venetia Rainey enters the arena where judgement is suspended and fashion anarchy reigns, advising you on everything from socks to choice of bag, and what to do if it rains…

Circus-inspired makeup

Nina Sabey advises how to sort your hair and makeup for the “circus trend” that will be all over this summer’s festivals and raves, advising vivid, bright colours, and plenty of purchases at MAC. Discover a difficult trend made easy

Ones to Watch

This week, it’s Westminster ’07, “Clown”, Kevin Flamme and Resort SHows that get the praise and incur the wrath of Liam

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Does Indiana Jones have any place in amongst the plethora of sharp action flicks grounded in realism? The short answer, ye of little faith, is yes. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is successful precisely for the reason its predecessors were: as a film it entertains like no other


Funded by German, Russian and Kazakh companies, and using Chinese actors speaking in the Mongolian language (badly, according to Mongolian critics), the film reflects both the diversity of the Khan’s empire and is symbolic of the cultural renaissance in eastern European and Asian cinema


Credited with single-handedly resurrecting the sword and sandal genre for a new generation (and unfortunately paving the way for such pale imitations as Troy and 300), Ridley Scott’s Roman epic was both a box office smash and a critical success, and justifiably so

Dave Coates

A day on the other side of the red carpet