Mixed results for York in BUSA league review

With the imminent amalgamation of BUSA with UCS, and a possible restructuring of the University season next year, the final league tables may not end up meaning much.

However, with any changes not likely to take effect until the year after, and with the pride of York’s teams at stake, a review of this year’s BUSA season is in order.
As evidenced by York’s climb from 52nd to 40th in the BUSA rankings, this season was a overall a successful one for York’s teams, with a nervey away-Roses win capping the season off. But, as always, some teams fared better than others in the leagues.

The most improved club the year must be the women’s Rugby 1st team, who went from being barely able to score points in previous seasons to to only losing their league on points difference.

It has been a good year all-round for the Rugby teams, with both the men’s 1sts and 2nds getting to their respective knockout competitions, although both missed out promotion.

Other notable successes this year came for the men’s Badminton, who came 2nd in league 2B, then lost out in the final of the Knockout Shield, and the women’s Hockey 1sts, who comfortably won their league, 3B, but then failed to progress in the Knockout Plate.

The men’s Football 1sts were another team to make their Knockout Plate, reaching the quarter-finals after easily winning league 3B and gaining promotion after a tense playoff encounter.

However, perhaps the stand-out team were the men’s Table-Tennis 1sts who, after finishing 2nd in their league 1A, progressed to the final of the Knockout Trophy, played at the British University Chamionships in Sheffield, where they were outclassed by a strong Manchester team.

At the other end of the scale, it was a difficult season for the Squash club, with both their men’s and women’s 1sts being relegated from their respective divisions.
They were not alone though, as the men’s Baskeball 1sts, Tennis 1sts and Hockey 1sts, among others, were relegated as well, and those clubs will be looking to bounce straight back up next season.

Overall, the positive aspects of the season probably outweighed the negatives, although this mini-review is only concerned with competitive BUSA sports. In the end, this season will be remembered solely for the away Roses win at Lancaster, and the last-minute equaliser in the men’s Hockey that brought victory about.