Where the Wild Roses Grow

Artist: Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue
Track: Where the Wild Roses Grow

She’s the Daz white princess of pop. He’s the unholy punk preacher of the Birthday Party and the Bad Seeds. Together, they starred in a knockabout TV sitcom in which they shared an apartment, with predictably hilarious results! Well, not really, but they did form an odd-couple musical partnership that would seem more at home in a bizzaro alternate reality, the kind of unfathomable world where they still have the creepy white Smarties instead of good ol’ reassuring blue.

Apparently brought about by Cave’s appreciation of the diminutive diva’s hit ‘Better the Devil You Know’, the result was this ‘murder ballad’ in which Kylie weirds it up with some ethereal intonation as Cave ominously croons at her. Like ‘Summer Loving’, only instead of the protagonists heading back to school at the end, Cave’s character bludgeons Kylie’s to death with a rock.