Brushing the surface

Our congratulations are offered to the Student Action enthusiasts who managed to secure a community canvas for our amusement.

Though Nouse enjoyed getting its hands dirty one can’t help but think that drippy and slightly wonky applies to more than just our paint skills. If this is the paramount of campus spirit then York students need a shot of enthusiasm. Eight whitewashed hardboard rectangles, secured for a few months only, before the university take them down to reveal something far more slick and soulless.

Lest we forget, we’re no art school. Our lacking artistic talent need not echo lacking efforts. Things might often seem half-hearted, or under-attended, but there are lot of people putting in a lot of effort all over campus. Be they the gnomish figures lurking in a news office, or various other characters slaving over plays and concerts, debates and speaker events, we shouldn’t be so quick to claim arch inactivity.

University life is defined by more than a degree. You don’t meet strangers and regale them with tales of your tutorial assignments and the mural is a kitsch snapshot of student activity.
This well-meaning artistic endeavour will be fun to look at for a while, but you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s going to change the world. On the other hand, don’t listen to the grinding cynic next to you who cites it as the absolute end of enthusiasm.