Vanbrugh-Goodricke bridge reopened

The Vanbrugh-Goodricke bridge, which was closed in January, has re-opened again, as “a temporary measure,” according to the University’s facilities management.

The bridge will stay open until future plans to build another bridge between the two colleges are realised.

Eric Hannah, the head of development at the University, said: “We are at the very early stages of analysing the different design plans for our new bridge”. He assured students that “the re-opened bridge will remain open until the new one is open and complete”.

The new bridge will be in a similar location, but the plan is to land one end of it “somewhere on the piazza on the North side of the lake, to give direct access to the main spine up to the library.” The south side will either be on the existing point or at slightly east.

Hannah was unable to give definite details as to the timeframe for the new bridge’s construction, stating: “At this stage it is difficult to judge, but we are hoping to be looking at Spring 09.”

The changes in the current bridge are that the old superstructure has been taken off, and that a new scaffold has been put in place. Hannah emphasised that the work had taken so long as the University “had to look at various solutions to involve safety and to keep the network cables [previously running through the bridge’s roof] live.”

Hannah confirmed that the University will be working with Arup, the consulting engineers that they used for the current bridge maintenance, and the architects will be Aedas, who are the University’s existing architects based in Leeds.

The closure of current bridge was purely for safety reasons.


  1. Finally! Good job Nouse in getting the story up so quickly!


  2. “Good job Nouse in getting the story up so quickly!”

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