Andy Abrahams – Even If

Artist: Andy Abrahams
Track: Even If

With Eurovision fast approaching, X Factor star Andy Abrahams is cashing in on his return to fame with the release of pop soul single ‘Even If’. The song was said to be ‘too good for Eurovision’ on the television show in which viewers decide the eventual Eurovision entry. It’s certainly not the typical British entry: gone are the gimmicky costumes and inane lyrics to be replaced by a good voice and a decent song.

Underlying the upbeat lyrics is a catchy salsa beat, which, although not ground breaking in terms of song writing, certainly makes for easy listening. The song is a real grower, within three listens you’ll be singing along to the eternally affable Abrahams. Knowing Eastern Bloc politics it’s doubtful that the song will do enough to secure a long awaited win for Britain, but Abrahams has done enough to ensure a return to British pride in the competition.

One comment

  1. Found your post searching for salsa related articles…. I had never thought about this song for its salsa groove! I can just see it becoming a favourite at our lessons!