You can’t put a price on STDs

It will be easier for some to remember than others, but first years are bombarded in their first week with assurances that the student union is there to support them in this new and exciting stage of their lives. With enough facilities to support any problem, students were bound to feel more relaxed, but there’s no doubt that many were more interested in the free condoms on offer.

Unfortunately, it seems YUSU were more interested in thriftiness than sexual safety and the prevention of a typically drunken night turning into a disaster, as a decision was taken to purchase EXS condoms because of the price. Only since Anne-Marie Canning took over the Academic and Welfare role from Grace Fletcher-Hackwood has the issue been noticed, as a result of ever increasing pregnancy tests being handed out, as well as more complaints being made.

With YUSU now trying to upgrade to Durex, it begs the question why it’s taken them so long to notice such an important issue. Students have a lot of unfair stereotypes thrust upon them, but there’s no doubt that many have woken up in a stranger’s room and wondered who the hell is lying next to them. Why the university thought it better to skimp on the condoms they bought is beyond logic, and surely alarm bells should have begun to ring as soon as the demand for pregnancy tests started increasing. Until they get their act together, it’s wise to consider digging into your pocket the next time you’re feeling lucky, safe in the knowledge that YUSU is finally rethinking their idea of saving money on one of the vital items of student life.

One comment

  1. Don’t be silly – all condoms supplied by YUSU have been through rigorous UK/EU testing procedures and wouldn’t even be allowed on these shores if they weren’t safe. A rise in any statistics at all are bound to be either coincidence or user-error. Perhaps YUSU need to campaign on how to put condoms on correctly…

    The only difference between Durex and EXS is the brand – like the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, it’s just your personal preference that counts.

    As a note: in 2005/2006 Durex condoms accounted for a vast majority of the money spent on purchasing condoms. Not sure what’s happened since then, but it’s not like YUSU have been ‘skimping’ on condoms for years…