Mixed Badminton pairs in convincing and composed victory

In one of the first contests of Roses weekend, York triumphed against a frustrated Lancaster side

In the first contest of Roses Friday, York’s Mixed Badminton team triumphed in a convincing victory -giving them a valuable four points toward the overall scoring for the weekend.

The standout game in the mixed matches came from York’s Jonty Hiley and Nicky Furr who came back from a first set loss to regain their composure and keep the pressure on to gain victory.

In the early going, Hiley and Furr struggled with Lancaster’s delicate style of play – resorting to desperate long shots to the back of the court which more than frequently fell outside the back line. Lancaster continued to play high percentage shots, making very little mistakes to clinch the first set 21-18.

York’s mixed pair came back strong in the second set with a new focus and more conservative style of play that began to pay off as York took an early lead. Lancaster appeared surprised by York’s form but held their own, taking the away side all the way to the end of the second before falling on a crucial point to bring the honours even.

As the third set wore on, York were able to retain their serve and began to take charge of the match against a newly frustrated Lancaster pair. This frustration proved key in dismantling Lancaster’s structure and York scored freely toward the end of the match to set the standard for the other mixed pairs, who also performed strongly to win the five matches out of nine that were needed to gain four points.

Lancaster’s main weakness in the competition proved to be a lack of focus which was personified by one vexed Lancastrian breaking his racquet in anger after losing a point. Despite cheers and encouragement from the home supporters, York’s composure paid off – giving them the overall victory in the mixed contest.