March 2008

Bridge set to be demolished this weekend

The anticipated removal of the Langwith-Alcuin bridge is to take place this Easter weekend, it has been revealed, in line with the plans to remove unsafe bridges across campus

Our House

The gem of “Our House” lies in its dialogue. Written by Godber, the humour is subtle, witty and clever, without resorting to slapstick. With a light, charming script and one or two, young, fit actors in the lush setting of the Theatre Royal, “Our House” makes for a lovely night to end the term

Interview with Bodyamr

I find myself standing in the middle of Tottenham Court Road, struck with panic, just seconds away from meeting Amr. This is a man who created the fashion of tomorrow, yesterday. He pioneered the collaboration of Swarovski crystals on vintage Rolling Stones t-shirts

Ones to Watch

Designer: James Long Formerly bereft of the capacity to mix and match, Gareth Pugh fanatics have mobilised and found a…

Goes Way Back

There just isn’t enough whimsy in this paper, or any paper for that matter, these days. I mean, there is whimsy, but that isn’t proper eccentric whimsicalness

Who are Anonymous?

Dear Nouse, I saw your article and photos about a protest by a lynch mob calling itself “anonymous”. When I…

The game is not over

Dear Nouse, Grace Fletcher-Hackwood may have departed from her post at the SU, but the game is not over yet.…

Muslims are not disadvantaged in the UK

Dear Nouse, In her interview for the last edition of Nouse, Prof. Afshar seems to assert that the Archbishop’s desire…

Little Campus, Big Mouth

The YUSU elections have been full of surprises, but what were you really looking for? We take to campus and ask what policies you want to see from the YUSU officers

Carol Ann Duffy Reading

Carol Ann Duffy, like Paul Muldoon before her, has a soft spot for audiences

Life Class

Like Barker’s acclaimed Regeneration trilogy, Life Class focuses on WWI

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Hosseini’s second novel traces the lives of three generations of women living in a turbulent period in Afghan history; from the Soviet occupation to the overthrow of the Taliban