Fusion: In Motion – Preview

Fusion dancers'

This year’s Fusion: In Motion takes the world of cinema as its starting-point. Split loosely into sections such as Horror, Romance and Sci-Fi, the show combines modelling and choreographed posing with a wide variety of dancing, from tap and ballroom to breakdancing, robots and Soulja-boy’s.

The show lives up to its ‘In Motion’ moniker. It is full of movement, from neatly choreographed and energetically executed set-pieces by dancers from Dance-Soc or Afro-Caribbean Soc to a powerful and exquisite performance dance by Japanese Soc. In fact, Fusion this year involves more societies than ever before. Whether it be Film Soc making the introductory montages to each scene, Dance Soc and all the others that perform or Photo Soc documenting the event, the team involved is an exceedingly large one.

There is a wide range of music on offer as well, though the show leans towards a funky hip-hop style for most of the scenes, which lends itself well to the choreography, though some scenes pour classical, techno, jazz, and other styles into the mix. The student-designed clothes, if anything, outshine the store-bought ones for imagination and sheer visual interest; the producers have found lots of ways to hold your interest throughout the show’s two and a half hour runtime, and the most enjoyable scenes to watch are the wackiest; the ones that use masks, robots, dust-suits, and all kinds of other devices. The bizarreness culminates in one of the best scenes in the performance; the Ghostbusters scene is funny and entertaining, as well as musically excellent.

The dancing is the heart of the show, and that alone would be worth paying to see. The modelling, the acrobatics, the clothes, add to the dancing to create a constantly enjoyable spectacle. Definitely worth a look this Friday or Saturday night.


  1. Wow who took that photo? Its amazing?


  2. The photographer was Matt Grum.