Little Campus, Big Mouth…

Did you vote in the UGM? More importantly, do you care? We ask a range of students whether YUSU is doing enough to get students interested in university politics.

Nicki Taylor

Name: Nikki Taylor
College: Wentworth
Year: Postgraduate
Subject: Marine Management

I didn’t vote and didn’t see that much publicity for it. Occasionally there would be people coming to our halls trying to get us to vote for an issue, but as a postgrad, I can’t vote for half of them, so I tend to just ignore it. In my last university I voted in elections so I suppose you’re more active with student politics earlier on in university. I’ve found that at York there’s hardly any publicity about the issues they’re campaigning for, and in the end if I don’t feel well informed, I won’t vote, and that’s what happened here.

Victoria Forster

Name: Victoria Forster
College: Langwith
Year: First
Subject: Sociology

I’ve just moved from Halifax and I didn’t know anything about voting or the elections until I moved into Langwith. I think it’s important to care for the issues that are up for election and it’s sad that a lot of students are apathetic about the politics of their own university. It’s important to get involved and to have other students representing you. At the end of the day they’ll be the ones making the important decisions about my welfare and I definitely want to have a say on what decisions are being made.

Jonathan Taylor

Name: Jonathan Taylor
College: Langwith
Year: Fourth
Subject: Mathematics

I definitely don’t think they do a good job of trying to get people to vote. At the end of the day you’re always going to find students who don’t really care, regardless of how much you try to get them to be excited about student politics. I don’t think it has much to do with what year you’re in, I didn’t vote in my first or second year and the whole thing seemed to pass me by. Student politics seems to be a platform to get into local politics, so I’m unsure as to whether they care about the issues, but it’s important nonetheless.

Stephanie Thorburn

Name: Stephanie Thorburn
College: Goodricke
Year: Second
Subject: Mathematics

I did vote on some of the issues but found myself getting confused about what most of the issues were about. I thought Facebook was actually the most effective way of getting the issues out there but there was minimal active campaigning. I voted for things I thought directly affected me, it’s important to actually know what you’re voting for and YUSU isn’t effective at getting campaigns out to the students. There’s definitely more to be done to get students to be less apathetic about issues.