February 2008

Takeaway company banned from delivering to campus

Efes, the local fast food outlet situated on Heslington Road, has been banned from making deliveries on campus by YUSU and University Security

Former student escapes jail sentence in fraud trial

Former York student Elnar Askerov and his accomplice have been sentenced to a suspended jail term and ordered to undertake 300 hours of community service each after attempting to defraud the University

Battle of the Bands – The Final

Magic P and the Innuendos wowed the crowds in a packed Vanbrugh college on Saturday night, partying their way to success in the Battle of the Bands final

Fusion: In Motion – Preview

This year’s Fusion: In Motion takes the world of cinema as its starting-point. Split loosely into sections such as Horror, Romance and Sci-Fi, the show combines modelling and choreographed posing with a wide variety of dancing, from tap and ballroom to breakdancing, robots and Soulja-boy’s

Habeas Corpus Preview

The sexually-charged nature of the play provided many challenging scenes, but neither physical contact nor exposure seemed to faze the cast. This impressive production provides a great deal of entertainment, with the opportunity to admire some first-class acting

Pirate declares serious ambitions as candidates debate policies

Presidential frontrunners Payne and Kunwar forced to defend their election promises as pirate candidate Scott confirms that he wants the job

Poll suggests close race between Payne and Kunwar

The race for YUSU President is wide open according to a poll of voting intentions conducted by Nouse

Omid Djalili Live

British Iranian stand-up comic Omid Djalili has recently become something of a people’s ambassador for inter-racial issues, bringing humour to the forefront of shaky political ground. His latest national tour, Omid Live 2008, disproves this self-appointed title in no way

Sweet plan, idiot

I can see exactly how it happened. It would have been in the YUSU office, about 2:15 in the morning

Almost Overheard

Vanbrugh Bar. The bar is almost deserted, except for a young couple. The female member of the duo, EDWINA, is searching through her bag. The male, DAN, looks on, forlorn

Social Pariah

Half past five in the afternoon is never scarier than in February on Tang Hall Lane. Twilight reigns and the Co-op crew cast a sinister shadow across my path

Social Pariah

You thought you were bumbling and charming. A sort of Hugh Grant method; it works particularly well if you’re a little bit well spoken, and a fair bit middle class