December 2007

Derwent financial confusion prompts YUSU investigation

Derwent college finances will be investigated as it was revealed to YUSU that funds from last June’s Big D event have gone missing

Is Might Still Right for the World’s remaining Super-power?

While the US consistently ignores UN and World Court instructions to compensate victims of its previous terrorism, adhering only to the rule of the strongest, it builds up the intensity of its new forms of terrorism. Previously coups and subversion were the chosen weapons, but now it has a precedent for pre-emptive war

American Gangster

It’s the visual flair and compelling acting that commend this picture, not its originality. Scott’s trademarks – atmosphere, visual style and tension – are all there. It’s a picture so beautifully composed and produced that every scene seeps with grandeur

NUS set for overhaul after reforms are passed

NUS members have voted in favour of a whitepaper that will overhaul the organisation’s governance structure at Tuesday’s Extraordinary Conference

Full transcript: Jenny O’Mahony talks to David Willetts

Jenny O’Mahony talks to David Willetts about education and the future of the Conservatives

Prophetess Libuše and Other Czech Fairytales

An adaptation of Czech fairytales thus seems a stark departure from the RDT’s usual repertoire, but the company clearly strove to broaden the work’s appeal by exploiting the comic potential of the tales