Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster: Fibbers

Artist: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Venue: Fibbers
Review: Steven Williams
Date: 04/11/2007

Forget the occasional kleptomaniacal grab to your housemates’ food; just for now put your finger over the DR on the end of your bank statement. What’s really deserving of the precious time you’ve allocated to feeling guilty this week is that this gig wasn’t sold out. If your absence was due to ignorance of the delights on offer, then let’s take as a contemporary reference point The Horrors, a band who have raided the Eighties Matchbox’s musical boutique to considerably more success, yet forgot to write any good songs between bouts of backcombing.

Luckily, Eighties Matchbox combine great hair with great music. Their current tour marks the band’s proud return after a two year absence, and proves they’ve lost none of their Cramps meets The Stooges-in-cabaret-fancy-dress charm. Looking like how Salvador Dali might re-imagine Noel Fielding and spitting lyrics like a rabid dead Elvis, singer Guy McKnight is everything a frontman should be. Their high-energy set list showcased a lot of new material, evoking the throbbing basslines, tribal drumming and screaming of their debut ‘Horse of the Dog’. If performances of this calibre continue then surely wider recognition can’t be far away.

One comment

  1. Brilliant and succint review that I feel sums up this otherwise over-looked band. Having just seen them sporting queens of the stoneage I can fully endorse Steven’s sentiments, a sound review, written with imbecable style.