Bags of female exploitation: no laughing matter

Dear Nouse,

I am writing to express my discontent with your publication. The comment piece on the YUSU Welcome Bags in the last edition (“Cream for cellulite? Satisfy my appetite” October 23 2007) was ridiculous.

The writer needs to get some self respect. How can she joke about the flagrant exploitation of women in FHM? This is a publication which, might I add, recently changed hands because it published a picture of a fourteen year old girl.

The emancipation of women may as well be written off entirely if pseudo-intellectual wannabe journalists are going to belittle the feminist cause. The culture of image-obsessive females, cellulite cream included, is just another shackle that we continue to allow to hold us, despite our extensive progress for the female cause in the past one hundred years. If we’re ever going to achieve true equality women need to understand the gravity of their vanity.
Thank you Nouse for making the sexism of YUSU the front page story it deserved to be.

Emily Jones

Post-graduate Women’s Studies student

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