Meanwhile in the real world

The recent events at the Nag’s Head serve as yet another reminder that campus life isn’t quite as close to ‘real’ life as we’d perhaps like. We spend so much time engineering our peaceful co-existence. Political correctness and tolerance abound. Not an edition of this paper passes by where a University faction isn’t up in arms against some injustice, however small. Isn’t that how we want it to be? Constantly assessing and re-assessing our social balances?

That may well be, but outside of our campus bubble it’s just not the case. We so often forget the continued prevalence of many social prejudices, in particular homophobia. The fact that we question everything is a true asset to our student community, but it’s important that we don’t appear too startled in the harsh light of day. It’s so easy for us to get stuck over-intellectualising social situations and forget the reality.

Matt Pallas should be commended for attempting to bridge that gap between university life and the big wide world. If he follows through on his promise to see what actions YUSU can take then he is avoiding the head in the sand attitude that the Union are guilty of taking on other issues.

However this ends up, the Nag’s Head are treading on thin ice. The allegations of homophobia may remain unsubstantiated but if one person feels victimised, chances are others do too. We need to address these problems head-on, forcing people to be accountable for the consequences of their actions and their attitudes.

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