LGBT Officer attacks bar over homophobia claims

LGBT officer Mathew Pallas accused the Nag’s Head bar on Micklegate of possible homophobiaafter denying entry on account of their dress code

LGBT officer Mathew Pallas accused the Nag’s Head bar on Micklegate of possible homophobia for not allowing some members on the LGBT social entry on account of their dress code.

At last week’s Exec Committee, Pallas spoke out against the bar, saying that some of those on the LGBT Social on Sunday, November 4 were turned away by a bouncer as they were “wearing shoes that had some white on them or their top had stripes on it. Basically, using dress code to exclude gay people. Maybe they are trying to not have a gay night by turning gay people away.”

Michael Rutherford, LGBT Social Treasurer said: “With no dress code provided, we think it’s completely unacceptable that some of our members were turned away. They were not drunk, they were not threatening and the bar was not full. We’re not going to the Nag’s Head again.”

The manager of Nag’s Head, who did not want to be named, said that entry was permitted as long as customers met “a minimum dress code” and added that they “did have policy on certain types of trainers, for example if they look messy.”

Pallas added: “We are treating this very seriously and are looking into what action YUSU can take against the Nag’s Head”. YUSU have worked with the bar for num­erous events such as Viking Raid, and also advertise the bar’s ‘trebles for singles’ promotion on their website. “If the reports are true, then this relationship is likely to be damaged, and YUSU may decide not to work with them in the future,” Pallas said.

Discrimination in the provision of goods and services on the grounds of sexual orientation has been illegal since October 2006.

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