October 2007

Should, or shoe-ldnt, you?

Ah shoes. Blister-inducing, pain-exciting adornments of the feet. Glittery, patent, heeled, flat, pointed, clackety, night-defining shoes

“It doesn’t really matter whether you play for University or College – just play some sport!”

I’m not sure how many college sportsmen would appreciate being compared to a bunch of paunch-ridden middle-aged men doing anything to stay away from home on a Sunday afternoon

York battle to first day victory

Wilson brace spares York in tense encounter

YUSU accused of sexism

YUSU has been accused of sexism by national groups, academic and administrative staff and students during a controversy regarding the gender-specific “goodie bags” that were distributed at Freshers’ Fair

Football: Vanbrugh 1sts 3-0 Langwith 1sts

Langwith’s striking problems hand Vanbrugh the win in opening match

Debate over alcohol sparked as students are hospitalised

The events of Freshers’ Week have sparked a heated debate amongst student representatives about the role of alcohol in campus life

Two ambulances called amidst fears of Club D drink spiking repeat

A number of students have been hospitalised after alcohol-related incidents at campus events

Second year to stand in general election

A second year University of York Politics student has been selected as the Labour parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Skipton and Ripon

Students injured in Tang Hall knife robberies

Two University of York students were injured in separate knife robberies in Tang Hall in the early hours of Wednesday, October 10

SU loses hundreds of pounds’ worth of merchandise in series of burglaries from the Student Centre this month

Hundreds of pounds’ worth of YUSU merchandise has been stolen in a series of burglaries from the Student Centre

Haleh Afshar takes House of Lords peerage

Professor Haleh Afshar OBE, the Politics and Women’s Studies academic, has been given a peerage

YUSU members speak out against ‘aggressive’ CU recruitment tactics

JCRC chairs and YUSU sabbbatical officers have spoken out against the “aggressive” recruitment tactics employed by the Christian Union (CU)