Haleh Afshar takes House of Lords peerage

Professor Haleh Afshar OBE, the Politics and Women’s Studies academic, has been given a peerage.

Professor Afshar will take up a seat on the House of Lords cross-benches as a non-party political peer in recognition of her work. She is an advisor to the Government on public policy relating to Muslim women and Islamic law and is the founder and Chair of the Muslim Women’s Network.

Afshar was chosen as a ‘People’s Peer’, an appointment for people who will bring distinction and expertise to the House of Lords. She said: “I was really very surprised and very honoured to be considered a ‘People’s Peer’. In fact, I was lost for words when I was told. I shall certainly be fighting for equal opportunities for minorities and for women as I have always done.”

Born in Iran, Professor Afshar is one of the most prolific Muslims in Britain today. She was an undergraduate at the University of York in the 1960s, became a committed Marxist during the Iranian revolution and describes Feminism as “my most important and constant commitment.” Professor Afshar has served on the British Council and the United Nations Association of which she is Honorary President of International Services. She is also Visiting Professor of Islamic Law at the International Faculty of Comparative Law, University of Strasbourg.

In addition to her academic studies, she has written widely as a journalist on Muslim women and the ‘War on Terror’.


  1. 15 Mar ’08 at 5:35 pm

    peter russell

    I had never heard of this lady until she appeared on Radio 4’s “Any Questions” last night. So I looked her up on the net to see who she really is, and it seems I’ve missed out on one of the few sensible people in politics today. Perhaps she and George Galloway could be put in charge of running the country, and we might have a bit more humanity towards the rest of the world and towards the disadvantaged, and a bit less corporate greed and the rich looking after the rich.

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  2. Yes. It would certainly be my cue to announce the death and burial of Great Britain. We already have a self-flagelating establishment of hippies, female-chauvanists, terror sympathisers and anti-semites. Don’t be so darn greedy!

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  3. Try as I might, I struggle to see the relevance of Dan Taylor’s comment, either to the article or the post above.

    I don’t like stereotypes but after reading these hysterical ramblings about an establishment of terror-sympathisers, female-chauvinists and (oddly) hippies, I can’t help but imagine a paranoid neurotic, foaming at the mouth, clutching a weapon and muttering angrily to himself as he types from an underground bunker.

    Although this article is pretty old, congratulations to Professor Afshar!

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  4. I listened to desert Island discs & Was amazed by her.

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  5. Haleh Afshar comes from a super pampered aristocratic family connected to the Shah’s imperial family. She has changed her ideology like people change with the latest fashion. If you really want to know who she is, read this:


    Angella, how easily an idiot like you is pleased. Just mention a couple of feminism and anti-imperialism and you useful idiots seem to be won over!

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