October 2007

NUS campaigns draw battle lines

The YUSU referendum on NUS membership referendum has split along party lines

YUSU clashes with organisers of barcrawl

YUSU have spoken out against the organisers of the Carnage barcrawl and have discouraged University of York students from taking part in the event

James Cromwell: King Lear, Babe and the Black Panthers

Actor, activist and self-styled philosopher James Cromwell has starred in everything from 24 to Shakespeare. Nicky Woolf talks to the man himself about bringing the Bard to life and fighting for justice for the innocent, whether human or porcine

Going undercover with a cover girl

The glamorous, jet-set world of international modelling is one far removed from the tribulations of student life. Or is it? Nicky Woolf talks to someone who has found a way to balance both and stay sane

So much for the afterglow: the dawning reality of student life

In the aftermath of Freshers’ Week mayhem, Emily Mears takes stock of student life

One man’s journey from scruff to buff

Student life doesn’t lend itself to sartorial elegance. Liam O’Brien and Venetia Rainey hit town to help one hapless second year

Iran: a land of contradictions

The Middle East is often presented in the western media as a frightening dystopia. Alex Forsyth travels around the region and discovers a surprisingly different reality

Not such a man’s world

From the Iron Lady to Blair’s Babes, women in politics have struggled to be taken seriously. Jennifer O’Mahony looks at the implications for 21st century politics

Two York students sexually assaulted

Two female University of York students have been sexually assaulted since the start of term

‘Blame the f***ing government’

Foreign Beggars encapsulates everything good about UK hip hop

Why chivalry has met a watery end

Heathcliff would probably be more likely to smack a door in Cathy’s face than open one for her to delicately step through

Turn on the water works

There’s nothing like a flooded kitchen greeting you in the morning to spurn you into genuine adult decision making