June 2007

Now’s the time, guys: escape the rat race

It’s been over 30 years since Tony Wheeler, founder of the Lonely Planet enterprise, set off on his first trail-blazing trip.Venetia Rainey meets the man who has inspired generations of travellers to take up their backpacks and venture into the world of the unknown

Access all areas?

For students with mobility issues, accessibility is central to their university experience, as Toby Green discovers

An orgasm of one’s own: women who spank back

For the generation of women reared on Carrie Bradshaw’s writings, the concept of female empowerment now stretches from the boardroom into the bedroom. Sara Sayeed talks to three women who have chosen to pursue careers in alternative sex industries: those of lingerie, therapy and the aptly named ‘cliterature’

‘We’re isolated. Our grief is killing us’

Members of Britain’s Iraqi community have seen their homeland destroyed by a dictator and now must watch it being torn apart by war. Raf Sanchez meets the people struggling to come to terms with the fate of the country to which they still long to return

In the buff: bareback riders

Sam Noble strips down to his Speedos and joins York’s nudist cyclists in a protest against oil dependency. Would you…

Woodstock ‘07: best yet

This year’s Woodstock is set to be the biggest yet. Jo Shelley previews one music festival you won’t need your…

Roll up, roll up—it’s Tony! The Blair Musical

Success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is often more about shameless gimmicks than flawless performances. Amy Scott talks tactics with…

Print Edition: 20th June 2007

Main Paper (including Graduate Review) This edition of the paper was produced, for the first time, in full broadsheet format.…

YUSU accuse Cantor of blackmail in voting row

The Vice-Chancellor was last week accused of ‘blackmail’ following a row between the University and YUSU over student representation

Sheldon admits faculty in crisis

Trevor Sheldon, has admitted that the York Management School is in need of “radical improvement” after facing a backlash from students

Goodricke will be first college to move to Heslington East

Goodricke College will be moved to the Heslington East campus as part of the first development phase

Archbishop speaks on BAE

The Archbishop of York has spoken of his concern that the University’s investment in BAE Systems and Petrochina could prevent academic research “from being open to the truth”